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How to Use Our Photo Gallery

Please be sure to check the information related to the photo gallery usage guide and usage guide by type!

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How to use and copyright information

  • Sign up/registration required to use and download photos from the KTO Photo Gallery.
  • Limit of 20 photo downloads per day.
  • Copyrights to all photos belong to the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).
    Approval to download photos DOES NOT include copyrights.
  • Images provided by the KTO Photo Gallery must be used for requested purposes only.
    If you with to use image for other purposes, please re-submit request.
  • Photos with the "Korea Open Goverment License (KOGL)" logo must be used according to KOGL rules and regulations. Photos without the KOGL logo must follow rules and regulations set by the Korea Tourism Organization. contact the KTO Photo Gallery for details.
  • Photos may be downloaded until 30 days from day of approval, and will be automatically deleted from shopping cart after 30 days.
  • Downloaded photos may not be distributed to 3rd party without the consent of KTO.
  • All downloaded photos must be cited as "©Korea Tourism Organization-photographer" when used.
  • KTO is not responsible for any disputes or complications incurred regarding illegal duplication of photos, or abuse of rules and regulations of download agreement.
  • Using download photos in pornography, adult materials, drugs, gambling or other materials considered obscene or morally unacceptable is a clear infringement of copyright, and user is solely responsible.
  • Selling downloaded photos is prohibited.
  • If found that photos are being used against KTO's operational purposes, all agreements and contracts will be rescinded, and user is liable for all costs and expenses incurred in tracking and deleting photos.

Copyright protection policy

Photos with the KOGL logo must comply with rules and regulations of KOGL. Photos without the KOGL logo must contact KTO’s photo gallery.

※ The range of use is different for each type, so please check and use.

User Guide by Type Table
Type Logo Attribution Commercial Use Revision
KOGL Type 1 KOGL Type 1 image Must specify
source of work
Photos may be modified /
revised if necessary.
KOGL Type 2 KOGL Type 2 image Must specify
source of work
Photos may be modified /
revised if necessary.
KOGL Type 3 KOGL Type 3 image Must specify
source of work
Photos may not be modified /
revised if necessary.
KOGL Type 4 KOGL Type 4 image Must specify
source of work
Photo may not be modified /
recised if necessary.
Not for Download Not for Downaload image Photo not for download. Available on KTO's photos gallery for viewing purposes only.